We take data security and safeguarding privacy very seriously. To access any data from our system, a valid user name and password is required. We have:

Employee Commitment :

All employees/contractors are bound by non-disclosure agreements - addressing all activities that have an impact on the security of our service and your data.

Firewall :

Our entire structured network is secured by a powerful packet filter-based firewall. The entire network and the servers are fully protected by Network Address Translators to hide one or both end-points of communications.

Vulnerability Assessment and Intrusion Protection :

Vulnerability scanning is done regularly to make sure security is intact. Total virus defense is achieved using leading Anti-virus software.

Encryption :

We have deployed various encryption methods to transfer data using our dedicated communication lines. Server Gated Secure sockets layer (128 bit SSL) security protocol enables encrypted data transfer using the FTP or web-to-host applications.