The US spends a larger percentage of its GDP on healthcare than any other nation, currently over 13 percent of GDP and predicted to rise to 17 percent in 2011. One reason why the Healthcare costs are so high is the high administrative costs of managing Healthcare Business.

box_top_left_img Country Statistics from WHO Report 2000 : USA box_top_right_img
  • Total population: 285,925,000  
  • Total health expenditure per capita (Intl $): 4,499  
box_bot_left_img • Total health expenditure as % of GDP: 13.0 box_bot_right_img

At the same time the practice of medicine is anything but "Business". Physicians must juggle demands on time, financial returns, complexity of the regulatory environment and control of the business, but all most really want to do is attend to their patients. This is exactly where Triangle Transactions makes its contribution.

We take care of the peripheral areas of the business so that the physicians can focus on WHAT COUNTS - IMPROVING PEOPLE'S LIVES. We transcribe the dictations, take care of Billing/Accounts Receivable and use our knowledge of technology to help start new processes, freeing up the physician's time to provide quality care - and we do it at a cost that is highly competitive.